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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Furness Funeral Home Eileen Waege 04/04/1942 12/01/2016
Furness Funeral Home Jakob R Hohm 11/19/2007 12/01/2016
Furness Funeral Home Leona Phelps 04/11/1919 11/30/2016
Minnehaha Funeral Home Orill I. Johnson 09/03/1940 11/30/2016 Baltic SD
Miller Funeral Home Peggy Hanisch Riter 07/13/1951 11/30/2016
Will Funeral Chapel Robert George Hoscheid 08/05/1941 11/30/2016
George Boom Funeral Home Anna Marie Murray 02/02/1931 11/29/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Linda Kay Simmons 08/27/1960 11/29/2016 Huron SD
George Boom Funeral Home Clayton Nelson 01/14/1929 11/29/2016
Rudes Funeral home Travis M. Ruud 09/09/1979 11/29/2016
Miller Funeral Home JoAnn Matthies 03/22/1942 11/29/2016 Hartford SD
Miller Funeral Home L. E. "Sam" Draper 06/29/1946 11/29/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Furness Funeral Home Helen Kruthoff 08/02/1932 11/28/2016
Furness Funeral Home William "Bill" Wolf 01/16/1926 11/28/2016
Kirk Funeral Home Helen Mae Schnaser 04/03/1930 11/28/2016 Rapid City SD
Miller Funeral Home Betty Jo Natz 06/14/1932 11/28/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Merlan 'Smitty' Smith 07/16/1951 11/28/2016 Huron SD
Mount Funeral Home Robert Lee 'Bob' Anderson 12/03/1922 11/27/2016 Platte SD
Furness Funeral Home Phyllis Dorene Roberts 04/17/1932 11/27/2016 Lake Norden SD
George Boom Funeral Home Howard Daggitt Jr. 09/03/1932 11/27/2016 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Richard "Dick" Avery 03/22/1935 11/27/2016
Kirk Funeral Home Irene Beverly Jean Winger 10/26/1935 11/27/2016 Rapid City SD
Miller Funeral Home Duane W. Fanebust 09/30/1919 11/27/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Donald Edward Myers 07/31/1945 11/27/2016
Miller Funeral Home Della Scott 08/31/1922 11/27/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Jeffrey A Dilley 09/29/1963 11/27/2016 Huron SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Erin Tofflemire 11/11/1977 11/27/2016 Huron SD
Will Funeral Chapel Lila June Steiber 02/11/1926 11/27/2016
Kuhler Funeral Home Muriel Simmons 08/30/1926 11/26/2016 Huron SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Adena Tschetter 06/21/1930 11/26/2016 Huron SD
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