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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Crawford Funeral Chapel Roy Fish 08/20/2014 Watertown SD
Hickey Funeral Chapel Martha A. Kindopp 10/02/1917 08/20/2014 Chamberlain SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home Darlene Lodmell 07/31/1935 08/19/2014 Dell Rapids SD
Clausen Funeral Home Margaret Deering 07/23/1928 08/19/2014
Welter Funeral Home William "Bill" Duane Aldrich 07/18/1933 08/19/2014 Huron SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Elsie Alvina Hovey 01/21/1933 08/19/2014 Brookings SD
George Boom Funeral Home Alice Mae Klos 07/23/1952 08/18/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home Lois K. Stevens 07/31/1926 08/18/2014
Welter Funeral Home Nicholas Daniel Brown 08/18/2014 08/18/2014 Huron SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Allen 'Fred' Stanton 10/14/1949 08/17/2014 Watertown SD
Mason Funeral Home Juanita Koskan 11/26/1929 08/17/2014
Mount Funeral Home Floyd Luther Franssens 02/11/1923 08/17/2014 Platte SD
Kirk Funeral Home Jean N. Layton 09/14/1938 08/17/2014 Rapid City SD
Eidsness Funeral Home James G. Olson 06/28/1942 08/17/2014
Crawford Funeral Chapel Robert D. Evans 07/29/1950 08/16/2014 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Connie McLachlan 11/30/1925 08/16/2014 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Dennis K. Lund 09/22/1941 08/16/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Dolores Aneas Rosand 01/15/1924 08/16/2014 Watertown SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Eva Hendrickson 09/01/1924 08/16/2014 Brookings SD
Hickey Funeral Chapel Arleen F Swanson 03/30/1910 08/16/2014 Chamberlain SD
Furness Funeral Home Raymond Biberdorf 02/12/1918 08/15/2014 Clark SD
Geise Funeral Home Shirley E. Hansen 01/08/1926 08/15/2014 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Myrtle H. Pederson 09/16/1911 08/15/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home LaVona "Bonnie" Voog 01/09/1923 08/15/2014 Centerville SD
Furness Funeral Home Paul Andrew Glanzer 11/23/1927 08/14/2014 Doland SD
Furness Funeral Home Norman Lee Ragels 12/19/1940 08/14/2014 Castlewood SD
Geise Funeral Home George W. Wheelhouse 03/01/1922 08/14/2014 Estelline SD
Rudes Funeral home Mildred T. Denholm 05/09/1927 08/14/2014 Brookings SD
Mason Funeral Home Vera Patton 05/19/1922 08/14/2014 Colome SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Anton Mitchell 09/10/1920 08/14/2014 Huron SD
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