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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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George Boom Funeral Home Dennis Foster 02/10/1943 10/20/2017
Kahler Funeral Home Shirley Snoozy 05/25/1927 10/20/2017 Dell Rapids SD
Mason Funeral Home Phyllis Pinney 03/18/1925 10/19/2017
Minnehaha Funeral Home David Dannen 06/22/1955 10/19/2017 Colton SD
Kirk Funeral Home Kenneth Gunderson 10/19/1945 10/19/2017
Kuhler Funeral Home Robert 'Bob' Small 05/09/1956 10/19/2017 Alpena SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Janet L. Wenes 10/25/1924 10/19/2017 Watertown SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Calvin Smith 08/22/1954 10/19/2017
Wass Funeral Home Carolina Ruth Wiebers 01/19/1942 10/19/2017 Centerville SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Idella Christensen 12/24/1928 10/19/2017 Parker SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Molly V. Belatti 11/05/1926 10/18/2017 Watertown SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Gordon Richter 03/02/1953 10/18/2017 South Shore SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Raphael F. 'Butch' Turbak 12/16/1927 10/18/2017 Kranzburg SD
George Boom Funeral Home Bonnie Lou Andersen 03/05/1929 10/17/2017
Miller Funeral Home William Raymond Rubin 11/30/1949 10/17/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Cheryl C. Bentley 04/20/1964 10/16/2017 Rapid City SD
Mount Funeral Home Dolores Mae (Sponheim) Kalda 04/24/1926 10/16/2017 Platte SD
Miller Funeral Home Herbert A. Mikkelson 03/30/1929 10/16/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Naomi R. Bauman 11/30/-0001 10/16/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home William W. Pond Jr. 05/09/1936 10/16/2017 Alcester SD
Skroch Funeral Chapel Glen W. Jimison 04/01/1963 10/16/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Kellee Jo Callender 01/12/1968 10/16/2017
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home LeRoy 'Bud' Anderson 08/08/1938 10/16/2017 Parker SD
George Boom Funeral Home William "Bill" Niemann 10/24/1936 10/15/2017
Miller Funeral Home Marilyn Ruth Symonds 02/24/1929 10/15/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Rudes Funeral home Marvel E. Jefferis 04/08/1923 10/15/2017 Estelline SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Laura Jones 10/09/1927 10/15/2017 Huron SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Arthur 'Art' Olsen 08/30/1927 10/15/2017 Hitchcock SD
George Boom Funeral Home Dick Elmer Walters 12/14/1928 10/15/2017 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Helen M. Eastman 02/24/1919 10/15/2017 Sioux Falls SD
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