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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Douglas R. 'Doug' Althoff 12/06/1956 10/20/2016 Bryant SD
Miller Funeral Home Robert Lee Williams 05/10/1924 10/20/2016
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Marilyn M. Benthin 05/02/1940 10/19/2016 Henry SD
Mount Funeral Home Irene Marie (Hanten) Ryan 05/13/1922 10/19/2016 Kimball SD
Black Hills Funeral Home & Cremation Services Linda Rose McArthur 12/29/1940 10/19/2016
Clausen Funeral Home Jonas Bruntz 05/19/1927 10/19/2016
George Boom Funeral Home Gale Malwitz 01/20/1942 10/19/2016
George Boom Funeral Home Myrna Joy Blue 05/10/1930 10/19/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Mason Funeral Home Taylor Watzel 01/10/2000 10/19/2016
George Boom Funeral Home Ronne Tarrell 08/17/1941 10/18/2016
Miller Funeral Home Mark Oswald 04/14/1958 10/18/2016 Clear Lake SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home Lorraine M. 'Lori' Darger 04/06/1939 10/18/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Furness Funeral Home Dorothy L Hinman 10/30/1931 10/18/2016
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Mae Louisa Meseberg 02/06/1932 10/18/2016 Watertown SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Dorothy Marie Weeks 01/04/1923 10/18/2016 Brookings SD
George Boom Funeral Home Kathryn "Kim" Kearney Dunn 09/19/1945 10/18/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Rudes Funeral home Drew David Pastian 11/16/1975 10/17/2016 Aurora SD
Furness Funeral Home Allen E Smith 05/11/1921 10/17/2016
George Boom Funeral Home Danny Moon 10/01/1947 10/17/2016
Miller Funeral Home Penelope Kyriakos 07/22/1923 10/17/2016 Sioux Falls SD
Mount Funeral Home Charles Lewis 'Charlie' Doby 03/16/1940 10/17/2016 Platte SD
Mason Funeral Home Kevin Kyle Kidwiler 06/26/1961 10/17/2016 Winner SD
Miller Funeral Home Beatrice VanVelzen 06/03/1926 10/17/2016
Will Funeral Chapel Josie Olive Hands 10/13/1919 10/17/2016
Miller Funeral Home Lorna H. Ellens 10/19/1918 10/17/2016
Furness Funeral Home Barbara Aalbers 07/22/1935 10/16/2016
Kirk Funeral Home Roger L. Van Alstine 11/23/1943 10/16/2016 Piedmont SD
Mason Funeral Home Frank Swartz 11/18/1946 10/16/2016 Hamill SD
Kirk Funeral Home James C Neiger 09/16/1926 10/16/2016
Mason Funeral Home Mike Kash 03/19/1937 10/16/2016 Winner SD
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